There are lots of different ways to support us from funding to lending a hand and REGISTERING as an opposer of the proposals.


(See the ACTION page for full details on how to navigate the Council's website)

Campaigns and legal advice cost money.

You can help with costs in 3 ways:
  1. Drop some change into one of our collection boxes next time you are shopping at SPAR, Tesco or Cooks
  2. Write us a cheque and drop it into 3 Seaview Avenue
  3. Click the picture to donate at the just giving website
West Mersea Town Council seem to be more interested in getting new sports pavillions and a hydrotherapy centre (why????) rather than reflect that local people don't want the houses. Show them that you don't care about hydrotherapy BUT you DO care about 200+ more houses.  Click on the picture to go to WMTC website where it lists all the councillors and their emails.  WRITE to them.
This is Paul.  Paul is the leader of the council and the man you keep reading in the locals papers being quoted as saying how great it is all going to be when every thing is concrete (well not quite but you get our point).  Write to Paul and tell him how much this proposal stinks. You can email him at
Every single persons registration counts. The more people who register with us, the more it shows CBC how many people object to the proposal. 

Click the icon or go to the REGISTER page and fill in the form.
As well as making your feelings known on the CBC website, send an email to the councilors for this area. They are: Robert Davidson , John Jowers and Patricia Moore. You can find templates in the LINKS section of this site. For good measure, copy in ALL the people in the LINKS section.

Go old school and send them a letter c/o Colchester Borough Council, Town Hall, High Street, Colchester, Essex CO1 1PJ. Again, take a look at the LINKS section for templates.
Help out with the campaign.  Use the contact us link or click on the image. 

If you know of some older people who might not be computer savvy, offer to help them register with us online or help them write an email to the council.